Profitable High ROI Lead Generation Through Adwords and Facebook Pay Per Click Management & Consulting Services

I will help you create highly profitable lead generation campaigns that will conform to your unique budget limitations or specific business requirements and marketing goals

Why should you work with me?

  • Unique personalized service and "no one size fits all" marketing campaigns. All clients are unique and therefore require custom online marketing solutions.
  • A profitable campaign can be created for any business, no matter how big or small, local or national. We will create a campaign that is profitable no matter your budget
  • No expensive agency infrastructure or high number of employees to support meaning we can provide our clients with high quality but low cost lead generation solutions
  • Free no obligation online marketing status review with your quote including a free high converting landing page and lead generation recommendations with your lead generation or PPC managenent service

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We will provide free recommendations on the best solution for your unique online marketing requirements

We value your privacy and would never spam you

All advertising services and pay per click marketing campaigns are managed directly by Jarad Nelson, the owner, and will not be handed off to junior consultants as with traditional agencies. To me your are not just client #134!

Full Service Internet Marketing Solutions That Will Grow Your Business Fast

High Visitor to Lead Conversion Landing Pages

Our lead generation and pay per click landing pages conform to international industry best practices and ensure the maxim results are obtained from your budget & traffic generation resulting in low cost per lead and maximum profits from your marketing and advertising spend

CRM, Lead Database Management, Email Marketing & Autoresponders

We will provide free basic lead database management and email autoresponder marketing as well as automated email marketing campaigns. Advanced custom email marketing and newsletter services are available to match any business requirement at an additional fee.

All Marketing Campaigns Are Exclusive. Only One Client Per Niche Accepted

We will only work with one client per niche and therefore our clients are ensured their campaigns are completely confidential and are developed for their own benefit and no other clients in the same niche will be provided any service.

Only one spot per client per niche. Please contact us ASAP to claim your niche now before your competitor does!

Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing

A pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign can be a very effective way to promote your company website, but only if your campaigns are carefully set up and managed. An un-optimized PPC campaign can leave you with a high advertising bill, but few sales to show for it. I am so confident I can create a profitable campaign for any client that a money back guarantee is offered for our lead generation services. Terms and conditions apply.

Facebook Advertising & PPC Campaigns

With a large number of recent changes on the Facebook Ads system in March 2014, this marketing channel has become exponentially more viable and profitable for businesses of all types and is critical to test for your business, no matter your marketing goals. High result Fan Page and Faceboob marketing services of all types are available. Please contact for free recommendations that would work best for your business on Facebook.

Free SEO Recommendations & Keyword Research

Please contact us for your free search engine optimization viability review and keyword research report. While SEO is can be very tricky and cost due to recent Google changes we will review your options and provide you with a free consult recommending the best option to grow your business right now, with the least cost and in the minimum amount of time and risk.

Our High Converting Custom Landing Page Portfolio Examples

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Please complete your details below to be contacted ASAP

We will provide free recommendations on the best solution for your unique online marketing requirements

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Lead Generation Services

Facebook Ads PPC

Google Adwords PPC

Affiliate Recruitment

Email Marketing

Landing Page Creation

Flexible Pricing

Multiple pricing options are available starting as low as R3000. Services can be provided as a total solution or on an individual basis depending on client requirements.

money back guarentee

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